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Using your money wisely

Our Founder and Senior Pastor, West Kenyon, along with the Board of Directors are committed to ensuring every dollar of every donation is used to grow Four Peaks Christian Church. Financial stewardship is a key priority, not only to gain your trust and respect, but to responsibly serve the body, our community and all to the honor and glory of God. 


In keeping with the commitment of serving God, the body and the community first, West will only draw a salary of $35,000 with a maximum 5% annual increase over the course of his tenure as the Senior Pastor. In addition he will not participate in the organizations health insurance program which will further reduce the financial burden on the budget. Furthermore, the Board of Directors have agreed no salary will be drawn by West until such time Four Peaks Christian Church is financially secure.


Our current goals are to grow Four Peaks Christian Church into a vibrant place of worship while prayerfully and cautiously looking to the future as we hope to expand our education ministry in addition to building a dynamic music ministry.

Why Should I Give (Tithe)

Giving or tithing is something God expects Christians to participate in regularly as a way to show our physical appreciation for all that God has given to us. In addition, without your regular donations we are simply not able to exist as a church.  We believe as God's Word states however, that giving, should never be done under compulsion, but willingly as an act that is entirely between you and God, and giving with a cheerful heart —2 Corinthians 9:7-8.

The leadership and Board of Four Peaks Christian Church is committed to fully trusting that God is ultimately in control of this Church body, and will provide exactly what is needed to serve His purposes through all who contribute financially and in a volunteer capacity.

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