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Welcome to

Four Peaks Chrisitan Church, Arizona


Are you looking for a Christian church in the Phoenix metro area that is serious about worship, and investing in your relationship with God? Are you looking for a church that is driven by God's Word and Christ centered teaching to help you grow and mature in your faith?

If you answered yes to just one of these questions please keep reading more on Four Peaks Christian Church and what we hope and pray God will allow us to do in 2024.

While Four Peaks Christian Church is not officially a church yet, we are in the planning stages of building a new place of worship for those in the Phoenix, Scottsdale Metropolitan area.

We believe that church is a time to be fully focused on God. It is a short time in our week to go to a different place, a special place that is set aside to engage with God like no other place we can go during the week. It is to be a place that gives each one of us a unique time to contemplate the awesomeness of our God and immerse ourselves in His Word, through teaching and music, and to reflect on His goodness and Love for us. It is also a time to be deeply challenged and to reflect on where we stand with God and our walk with Him.

To learn more about the mission and purpose of Four Peaks Christian Church click HERE and you will be directed to our ABOUT page, or simply click the ABOUT link at the top of this page. 

You can also listen to our podcasts by clicking HERE and you will be redirected to Face Your Faith, our podcast library.

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Four Peaks Christian Church sermon, messages, on Face Your Faith to grow in God's Word

Face Your Faith is your online weekly Bible study resource and audio archives of Four Peaks Christian Church.



The First Week of Advent



Christmas Hope • Face Your FaithWest Kenyon
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Sing Praise Music of Worship Four Peaks Christian Church Phoenix, AZ


Sing Praise - Music of Worship, is a NEW release and was recorded exclusively for Four Peaks Christian Church.

This initial collection of 43 hymns is now available on our YouTube channel to accompany your personal time of meditation worship and praise.

Watch for our next album playlist coming

 NOVEMBER •  2023

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