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General Security Protocols

At Four Peaks Christian Church, the Board of Directors and leadership takes security seriously!

Regardless of where we meet for worship, we ask everyone to be vigilant with regard to anyone or anything that does not seem to be as it should. Often, gut instinct is quite reliable and often worth carefully considering when deciding on whether or not to report something that is potentially suspicious. Follow the motto, "better safe than sorry." 

Should you need to report a suspected incident, please immediately report it to a Four Peaks staff member. This includes the Pastor.  In the event of an extreme circumstance, we ask that you first call 911 to report the issue. Be sure to do so only from a safe location, and if possible, report it to a staff person immediately.

Volunteer & Staff Background Checks

All volunteers working directly with anyone 17 and under will be required to undergo a background check by a third-party provider, possess a valid fingerprint clearance card.

All staff will be required to undergo a background check and possess a valid fingerprint clearance card as well. 


Furthermore, all other volunteer positions may be subject to background checks in addition to possessing a valid fingerprint card at the discretion of the Senior Pastor or the Board of Directors.


All volunteers will be required to participate in an online training course that outlines the policy and procedures set forth by Four Peaks Christian Church and its Bylaws.

Adhering to FPCC Security Protocol

Anyone not adhering to our policies and procedures is subject to dismissal from their duties, and may be subject to removal from the fellowship of Four Peaks Christian Church. All such actions will be at the discretion of the Board of Directors and the Senior Pastor.

Remember: Our safety and security is everyone's job!

Our full Security Policy will be available soon.

No tobacco, vaping or illegal substance use is permitted at any FPCC function or a property FPCC occupies.

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